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Hi. I have finaly decided to do the site flipping method,

oven though I can't spend any money, my cousin said that he will pay for all of the expenses for now and when I get enough, I could go on my own.

The only problem that holds me back is the fact that I don't know where to start. I know that I will only do PLR but I don't know where to begin.

Can someone tell me how to get started?

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    First you want to know what sells good. (Your best bet would be to look at the "Just Sold" section of I'll just be nice and let you know, a good adsense website sells like *that*. Keep in mind, you don't want to sell complete JUNK but you do want to make the best profit in maybe a little amount of time (if you have extra time, then that's even better)! Take a look at Online Money as she DEFINITELY makes a killing on flipping sites. Her free ebook is a good read and will help you out more than any other site flipping ebook's I've ever read.

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    I got 450 content sites and I have no intention on flipping them in this market now. The profits went down drastically with the recession, and they are only increasing month to month as the economy gets better.

    I used to get $4 a click, now I'm getting just cents now. It'll go back up and I view it like real estate: don't sell in a buyers market.
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    My advice to you is this, try to use the google adwords keywords tool, find out which keywords people are searching for and try to select a niche that may be of interest to you, e.g beauty niche, from there you can create a blog or website over that unique keyword and add one or two contents to it, not forgetting to add your website to social bookmarking services, .. less I forget always use analytics to determine where your traffic is coming from. I have an article or two have written about flipping

    my .002 cents
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