CPV / PPV marketing revealed-Everything your getting overcharged to learn

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A Profit-Smart Release

Authored By Jordan Cosh

Published January 14th 2010

With the recent changes to Google Adwords PPV marketing is a hot topic right now. Really, all alternative traffic sources are en vogue. I cant count the number of Gurus releasing reports, videos, and otherwise over priced courses on the material right now.

It's been my experience though, that these courses are usually pretty lackluster (That means they under deliver). It's my belief that only properiety information should be charged for; basic tutorials and training should be free for everyone.

In that spirit, its my pleasure to present you with a short overview of how to develop, launch, and profit from a PPV campaign.

I've also been certain to include the minimum deposit for getting started with respective PPV platforms, and while many require deposits of at least $500 USD I've tried to include the ones which will let you get started for as little as $20-$200

Chapter 1:An Introduction to CPV/PPV Marketing

Chapter 2:Where to find CPV/PPV platforms

Chapter 3-Developing your Campaign

Chapter 4:Tracking your results

Chapter 5-Dos, donts, and other tips


Chapter 1:An introduction to CPV/PPV Marketing

First off, lets get something out of the way; "PPV" is the WRONG term for this kind of marketing. The correct noun is CPV and it stands for "Cost per view". You may also hear people refer to it as "Pop up" or "Contextual" traffic.

Basically Cpv marketing works like this:

First, a visitor or user installs a program that allows a CPV network to serve ad's on their computer. Some people call this adware; and that may or may not be true. Were not here to talk about the moral ramifcations though.

For example, lets say someone installs the Zango program. In the future, Zango can choose to serve ads to this user anytime they want; either via redirect or popup.

At this point, Zango adds this person to their database and people like you and me can pay to serve ads to these users based on keywords, website urls, and a number of other criteria.

A good example, is a user going to nike.com; we could bid on that url and whenever someone running Zango's software visited Nike.com the person bidding the most for each view (kind of like how PPC marketing works) would have an ad popup.

In this case, lets assume I'm running a campaign for footlocker.com; so I could either plug in a url for an affiliate landing page-or direct link, and send them straight to footlocker.com through my affiliate link.

Thats pretty much the basic concept behind CPV; the great thing about this kind of marketing is that you dont really have to jump through any hoops-unlike Adwords you can run any kind of campaign you want (So long as its not illegal, and your not serving adult ad's on the wrong kinds of sites.).

Chapter 2:Where to find CPV/PPV Platforms

Again, unlike Adwords-Their happen to be a large number of CPV networks, and while some are bigger than others your far from limited to a giant like google and dwindling has beens like Msn (Well..Bing!-Which may surprise us all) and Yahoo.

Some networks work better with certain offers, and some have cheaper prices. This all ties in to the demographics the network serves ads to (To put it simply, a demographic is a target market. Its... Well its people!)

A clear cut example, is someone installing CPV software for a primarily adult CPV network is probably not some 12 year old kid. Likely, were dealing with an audience of 18-35 year old males. That means we wouldnt want to promote something like Hannah Montanna tickets; But maybe Golf or Football. Hopefully you get the idea.

Before I discuss the networks themselves, remember to do this-Take a look at the networks "Source" to figure out how they primarily bring users into their system. If its a network like traffic vance, then their source is "Gamevance". This lets us know most of their users are installing games; and gives us a little bit of a better idea the kind of people were serving ads to.

Corporate.adonnetwork.com- These guys have some of the best traffic I've ever bought through CPV networks, however the volume is a little low. Minimum Deposit: $20

Clicksor.net- Minimum deposit is $20

Adbrite.com - Adbrite is well known for its cheap PPC service, but most people are unaware that they offer a CPV program as well(They call it "Pop-up"). Minimum deposit is $15

DirectCPV.com-DirectCPV requires you to deposit minimum $100

Mediatraffic.com - This is one of the most popular CPV networks, so it can be a little more competitive. The initial deposit required here is $200

Chapter 3-Developing your campaign

Ok, so at this point you should have an account open on a CPV network, and have a good idea of what kind of software they use to bring people into their network. Lets call this step 1.

Step 1-Identify the demographic of a networks "source"

If the network actually runs a central site/location, (Like traffic vance) we can learn even more specific details by heading to Quantcast - Home and running a search for that site (In this case, gamevance.com)

Step 2-Identify your ideal offer

If you want to go the CPA route, Offervault is a great resource for checking out the payout rates for multiple networks at the same time.

If you decide to go with affiliate offers, thats on you; though you can find a huge list of niche aff. programs at Associate Programs.com

Lets assume for this example that you decided to promote a subscription to The Wall street journal, and the payout is $15

Step 3-Do your math

At this point, were going to figure out what kind of conversion rate we need for a profitable campaign.

Since our payout is $15, we need to figure out how much we can pay per view and still turn a profit.

Lets assume a conversion rate of 1%

We calculate conversion rate by dividing the number of visitors, by the number of sales. In this case, we would have a conversion rate of 1/100

That means that 1 out of every 100 visitors turns into a lead or sale.

Keep this in mind when deciding how much to spend on your campaigns; You never want to overshoot what it would take to break even. With CPV traffic, its usually best to assume a 1%-.5% conversion until you get a baseline from a campaign.

Step 4: Build a landing page, or go direct and just use your affiliate link

This part is pretty self explanatory. Usually when testing new campaigns, I'll start off direct linking. When I get an idea of how well the page converts, I may or may not build my own landing page in order to raise my conversion rate. (This only applys to CPV campaigns; not PPC. Avoid direct linking like the plague with PPC)

Step 5:Research sites matching your offer

So by this point were almost done. What we need to do now is build a list of keywords AND sites related to our target market.

Since I'm promoting the Wallstreet Journal, I'll head to quanticast.com and search for the Wall street Journal website

Now I'll click "Demographics" and figure out what market the WSJ typically serves to

So I can now see that WSJ.com has a mostly male audience, primarily 35-50, and mostly Caucasian.

Keep this in mind when planning which sites to have your adds appear on.

If your not promoting a subscription service, just find the "go to" site in that niche (ideally a community/forum type site) and run a quanticast search on that. It will quickly help you get an idea of a niches primary demographic.

The next thing were going to check out, is located to the right of the initial quanticast search page

We can go through each site listed under "Audience also like" and find a number of sites in our demographic very quickly.

As we do so, were going to add these urls to a list for when we launch our campaign-These will be what we bid on.

Now once we go through all of the sites easily found through the "Audience also likes" page, what well do is run a demographic search in google ad planner.


Next well head to "Search by audience" and plug in the information we got from quanticast (You can get the same information from adplanner, by the way)

After we plug those details in under "Demographics" Were going to refine out search a little more; Now were going to take that initial list we built via quanticast and add it under "Site visited"

Next were going to change our ranking method, and select "Composition index"

Finally, were going to organize our list by reach.

And thats it-Well add the applicable urls to our list (all of them) and over the course of the campaign narrow our list down to the sites that are converting best for us.

Chapter 4:Tracking

By this point were ready to launch our campaign, but the most vital step is also the last. What you want to do now is get everything setup so you can track your campaigns, and optomize based on those results as easily as possible.

There are an almost limitless variety of tracking programs available, but by far the most popular one is "Prosper202".

Its free, and you can either download a standalone version to install on your own server or use there on site service (Called Tracking202)

Download Prosper202 at Prosper202 Self Hosted Apps

You can access the web based client at Tracking202 Gateway

Watch a series of tutorial videos at T202 Tutorial Videos to get a better idea of how to best utilize Prosper/Tracking 202

Chapter 5-Dos, donts, and other tips

DO:Start your bid as low as possible to get the first, second, or third position

DONT:Get involved in a bidding war on an untested campaign; if you dont know your ROI for a campaign its a BAD idea to start pumping up your bids.

Do:Raise your bids by the minimum amount to get back in your preferred spot (Mines always 1, 2, and rarely 3)

Dont:Waste all your time perfecting a campaign, launch it with a direct link and build off of the results.

Do:Set a timeline for yourself, decide how many campaigns you want to test a week-and stick to it! This helps keep you from breaking the rule above.

Chapter 6:Conclusion

Thats it! Everything you need to know to launch a successful CPV campaign is outlined in the last 4 chapters. Stick to the rules, do your math, and start building campaigns!


-Jordan Cosh

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    That's what I'm talking about! 10/10 quality. Read it. Mega bookmarked it.

    "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." - W. Shakespeare

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    Thanks Jordan,

    That was outstanding

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    Not a problem guys. Glad I could help.

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    Added to the swipe file.

    Really nice post. I'd heard a lot about the potential and effectiveness of CPV, but never really understood it or how to go about doing it, so this has been an interesting read and a really nice thread in terms of quality of content. Thanks for posting it.
    "Better a student of reality than a master of illusion"
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    Hey Jordan thanks for the great post. Your right, alot of people charge a hefty fee for the information you provided. I know because I paid it. I sent you a PM about a campaign I ran. When you get a minute I'd really like to hear your thought on this. I'm dying to break this code because I'm tired of Google's BS.

    Thanks Again Man!
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    Great stuff, man! That could definitely be a $17 WSO, no question. Nice share!

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    Wow, very well put together post. Props for not fluffing that out and selling it (which would have been totally acceptable).
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    Thanks guys =] I'm glad its been of use to some people.

    @Shawn- I never received your PM, but I'm more than open to sending you a few bits of advice.

    I'll be posting something soon in regards to bumping conversion rates, and I'll edit a link into this post. Tying it into well, any of your campaigns, should be a help for people who think direct linking is the end all campaign model.
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    thx for the info....quick quesiton about the tracking...Can you track direct links? I hear talk of putting the 202 software on to your server so i was just wondering if this is possible

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      Thank your for this post! What does normally convert better/more profit: CPA offers or other products (for example from CB)?

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    What a killer post. You will put me out of business!
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    I am thinking of trying cpv in the next two weeks for a cpa offer
    I have had some luck with adwords but find it expensive

    On average how much do you pay to get 100 visits
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      Originally Posted by Joemlatham View Post

      1 Cent or so...depending on the targets....if you get a scraper you can get tons of relevant targets that will be cheap.
      is that 1 cent per visitor

      What is a scraper
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    Great information and put together very well.

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    does anyone have examples of successful campaigns?
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      Originally Posted by traffictipsnow View Post

      does anyone have examples of successful campaigns?
      I doubt anyone would give you their campaign , you just have to do some research , it's not that hard to turn profittable actually if you calculate what you advertise based on what is shared in this thread.

      Have a good PPC campaign with good ROI but don't have the capital to make use of it ? PM me.

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    this is great post , I have learned some important step and skill
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        This little bit is more thorough than a lot of PAID guides out there that people are pitching! You for sure helped a lot of people out with this! I'd love to chat sometime with you and discuss marketing etc!
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    Although this is a very good introduction, there are still many benefits from some of the paid programs (also most have much more info)
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    i tried to pm but i'm now allowed to yet

    first of all thank you for your cpv post. great info there.

    i had a specific question.

    how long do you test campaigns?

    more specifically how long do you keep a link live before you know it's a keeper or you need to scrap it?

    is it a time limit or do you stop at a certain amount of impressions that don't convert?

    also is their anyway to track what link brought the conversion?

    thanks man
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    Thank you for this great information. Right on time, as i am planning to be doing PPV for my CPA campaigns.
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    I don't agree on bidding low to start with CPV. The guys I know making the most are in the top spots and paying what no newbie would ever dare.

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