Media Buys: How do you find sites to advertise on?

by Gee S
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Hey everyone,

I'm looking at media buys, but I want to stay away from any ad networks. This means I need to find websites to advertise on by myself.

Do you have any recommendations how I can find these sites except for just Google-ing them?

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    Id like to know the same thing. I have tried cpvdirect and I was going to try another one but Id rather not
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    Actually i handle several medium to large affiliates on our CPV network (we do cpc/cpm/cpv/cpi inventory). I can definitely get you in the right direction

    I am still new to this forum so I don't have enough posts to message you guys - but do you have an aim or msn contact?
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    Hey LMC,

    It's video gaming

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    I have a consultant that works with me on my media buys, basically finds good quality websites with clicking traffic that will convert. He talks to the publishers about media pricing and works the price down as an independent advertiser.

    Sometimes these websites work with ad networks that take comissions and fees because they don't expect anyone to just ask them to advertise.

    He's pretty good at it, gets me quotes on 10-15 different type of media buys and analyzes the traffic to let me know the best investment.

    I can send you his information
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    Yeh that's what I'm trying to do, I definitely agree with you there.

    But what process do you use to find these websites if you don't mind me asking.


    Originally Posted by mjwoodi View Post

    I often find it is worth putting in the extra time and targetting the sites and contacing the site owners directly to arrange direct advertising with them.

    It is more targetted for you, you can have a little more control over where/how your ads are display and also a lot lot cheaper!
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        It's because I feel more comfortable doing it myself for now.


        Originally Posted by Ray_Ray View Post

        hey gee whats the reasoning for staying away from the networks?
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