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Hey everyone,

So PPV is so popular now, but I was looking at other forms of advertising. I came across interstitial ads (CPI). I know this has been around for years now, but how does it fair against PPV?

Let's hear your thoughts...

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    PPV has is increasingly becoming more competetive now since there are a lot of new players. But it is still profitable if you know how to use it right.

    I'm not experienced in CPI, but I'm sure it can be just as profitable as PPV if you are using targeting the right websites. It's all about the targeted traffic.
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    It's interesting because looking at interstitial advertising, I'm wondering how effective it would be compared to usual popups/ pop unders..
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    There are cases in which CPV networks use CPI to display ads.

    For example DirectCPV uses interstitial to display your ads.

    Make sure you know how your ads are going to be delivered , it will make a huge impact on the way you plan your campaigns
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    Sounds like some terms are being mixed up here.


    CPV networks offer interstitials as an option, but I believe CPI refers to Cost per impression which is identical to cost per view.
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    Sources like AdBrite have massive amounts of traffic - most of it ****ty. If you have the balls and the budget to optimize through all the garbage and fraud out there you can run huge numbers.

    It's not something to be ignored, but I feel it's more for people with bigger budgets.
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