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I'm not really sure where to post this but as goes for alot of us, I am looking for a mentor. I've been in marketing for around 2 years now starting in the adult industry which was a huge eye opener . Around 5 Months ago I switched my game up and felt that I wanted to escape the adult industry and focus my time on CPA/CPL marketing. I know have a couple successful campaigns but can't seam to get over the hump. I would really enjoy a friend that I can throw Ideas off of and get some critiques if need be. I'm not a pot of gold, but if money would help or percentage of campaigns, I'm completely open. I have a lot of great stuff to show you, that I feel will open your eyes ....maybe lol, but really my goal is to find a friend that I can eventually help out like you helped me out. Cheers to anyone looking for this as well, I truly believe that a mentor is necessary for the social and learning aspect. I would consider myself a 3/10 when it goes to understanding success with cpa marketing.
My Monthly Net 1900/m from adult and 800/cpa. Thanks for your time, Sam. -->
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    Hey Sam, if you want, you can bump ideas off this everybody in this forum...the warriors were tremendous in helping me step past numerous hurdles when started and Im sure they will be to you as well.

    You seem to have a few things working for you so now you can do two things....

    optimize your campaign and scale it up

    or rinse and repeat whatever you are doing a thousand exageration

    Now looking for any payment, but you can bump ideas off me if you wish. Just pm me!

    hope to help
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    Or give us content...hehe just joking!
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    Kenster, Thanks brother I just purchased your ebook great stuff. Way under priced but it works for me . I will message you with some questions.
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    Thanks man, ask away but remember I may be slow in getting back because I am going to be away for the next week.

    But in terms of CPA coaching, it can be very helpful to fasttrack success but I have heard countless stories of coaches taking the money and running or just simply not knowing what they are doing. So be very careful.

    Do your research from previous unbiased students and go from there.

    In general, I think it is better to just work through the problems yourself and spend the money you would have on a coach making more campaigns and tweaking old ones.

    To Your Success
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    If you want a coach be prepared to spend a lot of money up front because anyone that has success with CPA surely has their time valuable. It might be better to start by absorbing info from this forum first as some of it is worth gold and it's free! :-)
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