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Ok, I'm wanting to try a test campaign on Media Traffic.

Here is what I want to do...

I've got a large list of URL's for a certain niche. I've got them ready to put into Media Traffic.

I want to have a window popup or popunder with my page for a free ebook signup to show on the list of sites I mentioned above (PPV).

Where I'm stuck is how to track this using Prosper202. Any suggestions on how I set this up so I know WHICH sites convert over to optins?
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    I am assuming you have a button they must click to complete opt in and that button probably takes them to another web page.

    So using the Tracking 202 app under Prosper 202 setup a simple landing page called opt in or something like that. Then place your incoming code at the bottom of the page per the 202 instructions and make your outgoing outgoing tracking link the target onclick for your button. This way when someone lands on the page it tracks it and if that same person opts in and clicks the button it will track it with the outgoing tracking link you put in the button that redirects them to your target page.

    Then you should be able to go to Analyze->Referrers and view which websites clicked the submit button on your opt in.

    Prosper/Tracking 202 just tracks actions like page loading and clicks via subids with their javascript and redirects.

    Good Luck!
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    Awesome! Thank you!
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