Advertiser Pulling Fast One

by Kelby
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I'm an affiliate for this advertiser that has an in-house affiliate program.

Let's say his retail website people shop at is:

But all the affiliate links they give me (homepage and deep links) are all pointing to:

Please know, the public only shops at the .com website.

If you go to one of the .net affiliate links they give you, it redirects you to the .com version of that page and drops a cookie in your browser.

BUT... the cookie's Host domain is "", NOT "".

Doesn't this mean that if a visitor on my website clicks my affiliate link, leaves, then a couple days later revisits that store directly by typing in the address "" or via a Google search, that affiliate tracking cookie will not be recognized since it was set for the domain, (not .com)???

The cookie-duration is 30 days for this particular advertiser.

Does anyone know if this is an advertiser that is trying to pull a fast one on unsuspecting affiliates?

Thanks for any help and guidance.
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    Sounds to me like he is, or else why would he be redirecting? Granted he may of just picked up the .com and forwarding his .net traffic, but it doesn't make any sense, because his affiliate program should be reading the cookie based off where traffic lands and scrubbing your aff ID. Have you made any sales or did he just recently change it?

    Try emailing him and asking or if you're sending large amounts of traffic and seeing no sales, try a test sale to see...

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    I think it does not matter which ever url the advertiser is using as tracking URL.The cookie stays in the user computer till it expires or till the user removes it


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    Yep, if it's the kind of cookie that I know of... are you still getting conversions?
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    Hey guys... No, I am not getting any conversions. This is a relatively new affiliate relationship but I have sent quite a bit of traffic nonetheless.

    I mean, I'm assuming there are ways to access cookies set from a different domain... but I'd imagine this is a bit complicated for a pretty small operation that is this retailer (10-15 employees maybe?).
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    Unless the .net cookie is being replicated during the redirect, the .com domain cannot read the .net cookie.
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    I had an idea, offer a free info product to complement their purchase, have the customer email you a proof of payment or have an auto responder set up to deliver the bonus content, You'll have a fair chance at discovering if your sales are being credited.
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    care to share the offer?
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      It's not an issue with him giving you the dot net to use as a tracking URL. As long as the .net redirects to the main site, and the cookie drops then you are fine. The "www" issue sounds weird to me, you better ask him about it, and just be upfront with him.

      Also... If you are working direct, give him your Test URL and have him load the Test URL in his browser, follow the process of converting the offer, and check if the pixel fires back at you. All offers (even credit card submits) can and should be tested for tracking before running the offer. Nothing worse than "not knowing" like you are doing now man.

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    Not sure if it is a trick or not. hmmmm?
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