Free Report for CPA Newbies: How I got accepted into my First CPA Network

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Hey everyone, just been getting a lot out of the warrior forum and decided it was about time to give back. I originally posted this exclusively in the war room but decided I'd bring some of this information out to all the warriors, in particular new warriors looking to get a foothold set in CPA marketing.

But to those who are completely new to the system and how it works, how do you get into a network? It's simpler than you might think, although there are a few tips and strategies you want to employ before jumping in and rushing to conquer this first part of the beachhead. And even afterwards, the hard work of building and managing profitable websites and ad campaigns still remains ahead of you.

Since I've gotten into a cpa network it has opened up a world of new possibilities of offers to promote and money to make. Things like Clickbank and ebay are really just the beginning when it comes to making money online. If you really want to find out where the seriously exclusive and profitable offers are, CPA is the way to go.

For those of you who need a little help and a nudge in the right direction for getting into your first CPA network, read this report. Hope it helps and good luck out there.

How I got into my first CPA Network
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    Good stuff mate. Enjoyed reading it. Although I'm not particularly bothered about getting into a CPA network but wanted some basic info as I've done ppv campaigns before and when combined they can work really well.

    Anyways there is some good info in there so thanks for that. Appreciate it.

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    Very nice. New to all this and looking at all the information I can!
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    No problem. It's really really simple to get into one. In fact, if you just take the initiative of calling your affiliate manager, that's half the battle right there!

    The other half can pretty much be summed up by knowing how to sell something online, or make money online period. It can be clickbank or adsense or anything. So long as you have some sort of money making experience or even just some knowledge, you will be just fine getting into most networks.

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    good post man, when i first started cpa a year back....i couldnt find this info anywhere. took me 20$ to pay someone to teach me haha.
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    Good for you man. When I was new I paid for my account.
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    Thanks for your report
    Like to read it

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    Nice of you
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    Thanks for the info bro.. my main goal for today was to figure out how to get into my first network.. Thanks for the help! :-)

    Stop wasting valuable time and start profiting today

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    simple, easy and straight to the point
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      Wow, I'm glad this info is helping you guys out! I wasn't sure what kind of a response it would get, but hopefully some of the newer guys will get into these networks a bit more easily with some of this info. Cheers!

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