Looking for Experienced guy to Coach me- Will Pay!:)

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Hi Warriors

Here is the deal, I have been in internet marketing for 2 months now and been working 6-8 hours every single day. Alot of times you waste large amounts of time trying to figure out the new stuff. I have 6-7 sites up and running now, some ranking on the first page,some on the second and some not ranking at all.

I am a achiever and am going to make this happen regardless, but right now I know I can shorten my learning curve immensely by finding an EXPERIENCED Internet Marketer who can coach me intensively over a period of time. Let me underline, I am willing to put in the necessary work, And not looking for a magic pill. I can do at least 6-8 hours worth of focused work each and single day.

What I am looking for:

What I am looking for is someone who is already making a good income and has at least a couple of years experience in internet marketing.

I am looking for someone who can give me the practical explanation of what and how to do things.

Someone who will follow and assist me in the process by for example telling me what my next step is so I know that I am working on the right thing until next coaching session.

Someone who is as persistent at me and wont quit.

What I am not looking for:

A marketer who is making a couple of hundered dollars a month and views this as good results. (This is not the results I am looking for, so Wouldnt make sense to have a mentor getting these kind of results)

Someone who knows it all in theory but is not getting any major results when everything comes down to it.

What Will I offer:

6-8 Hours focused work every day where I work on the assignement I have been assigned to.

Extremely fast learner and high achiever, I have reached the majority of my life goals at the age of 22 (Including setting up two thriving companies offline), I am getting into internet marketing not because of the cash but the freedom of less work and passive income. My original Goal was to reach 2.000 $ a month within 6 months, but with a mentor I know it can be done faster.

I am willing to buy a site already making income , that is with your guidance and know how of what is good and what sucks.

I have 2-3 weeks of complete spare time in exactly 8-10 days and I am willing to either fly in anywhere in the world or fly you in to scandinavia and accomodate you so we can kickstart the process.

If you suit the profile and can commit to this process, Send me a PM and we can discuss both your qualifications and the price point.

ONLY serious mails please. & read the whole post before you write me.
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    Good luck
    But not sure it will happen

    best way is doing what youare doing now!!! it takes a good while to build up your knowledge and experience.

    Most people will see you post and see $$$ in there. They will offer coaching from $500 to $2000 up front.

    You would then be hard pressed to stick it I'm afraid - however asd I say good luck.

    I have found the best way is to join a small private forum like the one in my sig and learn from others and a good forum manger. This takes longer but results are far better.

    just my 2p worth
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    Hey dude, just sent you a PM.
    Read my incredible story: www.affiliatechamp.co.uk
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