WARRIORS Still EXIST??? I left CPA when Arbitrage Conspiracy Flopped! Now how bout a personal COACH

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I gotta say Its been a long, long time since Ive been around this forum. I think I chimed on a few months ago only briefly...after like a year almost. I remember wondering just a moment ago, does the Warrior Forum still exist?? I logged on and....low and behold, this place is still chock full of the best warriors on earth pouring their hearts an souls out for the betterment of themselves and mankind! Wow....can you believe I thought CPA was a temporary gig? This place is still alive! Ahhh, what a wonderful feeling...brings back memories....the red, black and offwhite colors on the Warrior Forum feels like a ray of sunshine on my face....its good to be back! And I gotta say, really....I remember now! I remember all the sleepless nights reading, and reading, and studying, and checking messages, and reading. And then The ARBITRAGE CONSPIRACY came out! Oh ya, you remember that big o'l conspiracy?? God help me, what a fluke....I tried that, and it literally pushed me away from CPA altogether. Coming back to the forum, and reading all the wonderful, plentiful success stories....I must say I feel ashamed to have given up on CPA just because of an expensive bogus product that had no good training. Now Im back, and I am a believer. Better late than never, thats the only way I can look at it...holding back my grief.

So Im determined to try it again, and have a good budget to work with. Here's my question....anyone up for some one on one coaching? I cant do this again by reading other products..... Im not buying any more products, so dont tell me to check out your signature or WSO or anything else. I need to cut the learning curve to pieces. I need you tell me to go to facebook, and/or Google, and/or Yahoo, and/or MSN, and/or Adbrite, and/or Pulse 360......and tell me to create an account and then show me how to navigate each campaign setup........step by step. Tell me where to track, how to optimize... everything...I need to see screenshots or something, I can only learn by being told to specifically do each step. And then modify and master techniques thereafter in my own style. Media Buying seems to be hot right now, CPV too. Tell me where the easiest and most profitable starting point is, and take me by the hand. I only need to see it done once. I learn very quickly, and can then start reading up on all the different "theories" and techniques.

Please send my a private message with your fee/rate and/or suggestions. Im not looking to join a coaching forum either. Hey, I know I will get lots of negative and lots of positive responses from people out there....so before leaving a comment below about this and that and how I should just "do it" .....understand one thing....everyone learns in a different way....and my way is learning by example....may seem sad, but true....but not to worry cuz all I need is someone to plant the seed, so I can grow! .. thats why I need someone to hold me by the hand for a quick second.......Cheers!
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    Hey very well written.

    The good thing is that as much as I didn't like the AC launch and tactics, the actual content gives a good foundation of the principles of CPA. You now have a good base to work from and it seems you are more motivated than ever...another good thing.

    Coaching is a brilliant way to learn for most people, assuming the coach is a good teacher. There are many great CPA marketers out there, but teaching what you know is a whole different ball game that most people aren't good at.

    With that said, I would suggest when you get your coaching and mentor replies, test out the waters of a few offers before you dive in. Each may be doing well in CPA, but you want to find the best teacher, not necessarily the person making the most money. Case in point...the guys at AC. I personally know they are doing huge numbers, but does that mean there teaching is great? I think you already answered that question.

    AND NO WAY is CPA a fad....always been around, always will be around! In one form or another
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