Facebook Advertising Account Disabled

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please delete this thread
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    No point creating a new account, if you plan to do the same that got your account disabled in the first place.

    Find out what you did wrong and change that.
    Regarding the CC info, cant help you with that.
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      Yeah I agree with wide....

      Just contact them and see why they had suspended your account and how you can fix it.

      I had problems with facebook advertising once.. I was promoting a vince del monte product,

      I set up a PPC campaign and put a before and after shot of Vince with his shirt off. I was then notified by Facebook Advertising that i had broken some sort of guideline because i was using pornographic images!!!! ....

      I am not kidding. But i contacted then and they said due to him having his shirt off i was violating that rule....:rolleyes:

      Anyway.. Goodluck with your issue, i hope it all works out..

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    facebook are retarded, if their traffic didn't convert so well for me.. i'd... not use them?

    Their retarded ads team is getting worse and worse.
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    the interns at facebook are full of hurr durrr, move on start over.
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      Originally Posted by MrCruzin View Post

      the interns at facebook are full of hurr durrr, move on start over.
      Before anyone asks the question:
      Hurr Durrr

      So, you want to sell me another way to easily make "X" dollars in "X" days? ROFL too funny! IM success requires hard work and lots of time. Most newbies do not survive the steep learning curve. Anyone who says otherwise is probably selling you a fantasy.

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