Warriors from US, I need your help please...

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hey warriors,
especially those from USA, I think you can help me in a great way.
I finally got accepted in a CPA network (PeerFly) and I'm about to launch a campaign for a high converting offer (a 100$ gift card for shopping at Kohl's).

Today I posted an article on articlesbase, it got indexed a few hours later, I got 14 clicks and 2 conversions
So I would like to make a PPV campaign for this offer.

However, my problem is (I'm from Croatia) - I don't know the names of the US main clothing stores, I now only about Walmart and Macey's. (the names and URL-s of the stores will be my keywords)

So please, could you give me some suggestions, store and brand names that I could target?

Thanks in advance

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