Where to find images for PPV Landingpages?

by lacruz
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Where can i find shocking images for my ppv landingpages? Can i use Google Image Search, i think it`s not allowed to use this images?
Are there any other sources do you use?

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    Use istockphoto.com

    These are royalty free photos you have to purchase to use. Google images just indexes any image. If you want to use any kind of image you need to have the right to do so.

    Hope that helps,
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    many people use google images
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      Whatever images you use, make sure you have documented permission to use them whether they are paid or not.

      A close friend of mine had a nasty experience when a web designer provided some images as part of his site design. He got a Fedex package with a cease and desist order and a demand for thousands of $. Make sure you are the licensee


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        I use www-sxc-com for loyalty free photos. They have high quality photo even for free download. I can't post link due to my post limit. replace the dash with dot.

        You can give it a try.
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          thanks, should i also have a privacy police and so on at the landingpage? i`ve seen many lp's where the webmaster don`t have this..
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    You can also check out Flickr. Make sure you go to the advanced search function, scroll down and select you only want Creative Commons Licensed photos, and make sure to check you want photos your can modify, and use for commercial purposes.

    If you read the Creative Commons license for the specific photo you will normally discover you need to give credit for the usage of the photo. You can create a separate "credits" page on your domain to give credit to the owners of the photos.

    Using Google Images could be very risky unless you actually go to the site owner and request permission. Usually it would be much cheaper to follow Nick's advice and purchase some photos.

    Even better.....Start clicking photos with your digital camera at every opportunity of the bizarre, odd, and unusual sites you see in your own community. Then you know for sure you are safe, and have unique photos.
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      I too have been bothered by images which I can use. This thread will be very helpful.

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        thanks for all your answers, but the best photos for my ppv campaigns i found in the google image search :S
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    I use bing image search. You can use it to filter images by size , pictures containing people faces , if its a photo or illustration etc etc. Give it a try
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    Yep, istock photos or any of the stock photos will work just fine. Normally they aren't that cheap but better safe than sorry. Its an investment!
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    morguefile.com for free photos and images

    morgueFile Free License

    You are free:

    • Remix -- to adapt the work.
    • Commercial -- to use this work for commercial purposes.
    • Without Attribution -- to use without attributing the original author.
    Under the following conditions:

    • Stand alone basis -- You can not sell, license, sublicense, rent, transfer or distribute this image exactly as it is without alteration.
    • Ownership -- You may not claim ownership of this image in its original state.
    • Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from the contributor.
    • Nothing in this license impairs or restricts the author's moral rights.
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    Also microsoft clipart - photos on there seem free to use. Read through the Microsoft licence and it seems ok. //office.microsoft.com/en-gb/clipart
    or go to a word document - insert img - clipart - online
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    do not use Google images if you can avoid it, many of these are copyrighted. Copyrighted material on the web is now becoming hot business to people like Getty Images. They almost 'trap' you into using them. they will allow sites to use free images and then if you take those they will sue you for thousands. This is wrong of course. If you ever receive such a notice you must take down any offending image immediately and tell them that you have used the 'cease and desist' method - they should not then take you to court. This is a bit of a scam on their part. But they have the copyright and in law they have the right to at least make sure you do not use their images. Some companies will pay their exorbtant fees, which is of course why they do it. Moral - do not use any image online of which you are sure there is no copyright or you have bought the rights to.
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