CPA: Linking Ebay purchase to Thank You page?

by rob34
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Not sure whether this is the right forum. Apologies in advance.

I recently bought some script relating to sending the customer who purchases something off ebay to your thank you page on your domain.

Is this still possible?

Can't figure it out.

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    what method is this? Nothing related to CPA right? Or it does?
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    its where someone purchases an ebay item - gets transferred to a thank you page where in order to receive their purchase they have to fill out a quick "bonus" form, and then there "receive purchase" link becomes active.

    Haven't put it into practice.


    Just curious.
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    I have this also I purcahsed from another site, I'm finally making good money with it, but the script is tricky.
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    AH! One of the many ways to make money with ebay and CPA.

    Be careful though!
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      yea - ebay doesn't really like it when you send buyers to other sites...

      Dont know why... they don't like capture forms or outside links... darn nazis.. (hehe)

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