Do you NEED this? Or you think Its B.S?*Case study on CPA acceptance*

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Hope you guys and gals are having a great day (Y)

I have attached a poll here, but before you vote, read the rest
of what I am asking (doh.. obviously )

So, I noticed that a lot of people are having trouble with getting
accepted into CPA Networks. So made me wonder how many would be
interested in a case study about how to get into CPA networks?

Some of you are just starting out and are just beginners in this
whole "interwebz marketing" thing. There is no shame in this. We all started as noobs.
I always say :" Its ok to be noob, but its not OK to stay that way"

I would record my self applying to the network, talk about what sort of sites
you need etc, record a phone conversation with affiliate manager
( need to ask for a permission, but I am sure I can get it)
And talk about every aspect that is involved with this.

I am just in real good mood, so I would not charge anything for it. Would not plug any upcoming products of mine , would not require you opt it to something, visit my website etc. No hidden "marketing" agenda. Just trying to be helpful

P.S there have been times where I have been a member of 50 or so affiliate
networks and back in a day run a service where I was helping people
getting approved, and got them into 5+ networks per day,
so would some of you need this kind of info on how I have done it?

Obviously nothing bluefart here..

If you are interested or think this would be helpful to others, then please vote.

P.S.S Also please post some of your questions(issues) that you would like to see addressed in this case study

Have a nice day and since this is a sunday afternoon here is a song that is dedicated to this :

#interested #thinks

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