Tracking winning keywords with wordpress landing pages?

by mpbiz
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Ok so heres the deal. I like to make all my landing pages and landing sites with wordpress. It is too easy to get a new site up in 5min. Sometimes I have a domain, install wordpress, and literally use just 1 landing page and that is it, but other times i actually make a landing site, with several different pages promoting diff offers etc. The thing that is driving me is insane is how to track which keywords are converting for me. The customer searches "car" on yahoo, clicks my ppc ad for cheap used cars, and comes to my landing page at I need to be able to see which keywords are converting and making me money!!!! I know how to use both prosper202 and tracking202, and currently prefer prosper202 as it is self hosted. I have found 2diff wordpress plugins, one paid and one free, but i am unsure if either of them actually work. The only other options I have seen are complex javascript or php codes, but wherever i find these there are tons of comments following arguing that the code doesnt work, or is wrong, etc. THIS IS DRIVING ME ABSOLUTELY INSANE. So, if anyone on here knows how to track keywords when using wordpress landing pages, please let me, and the rest of this forum know, because I am sure I am not the only one having this problem. Thank you
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    i think prosper202 is good for can track your wining keywords.
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      With prosper use the pixel tracking, when the pixel fires you have a sale. easy.

      But this only works with the few quality CPA networks that have pixel tracking
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    Yes, prosper works great for tracking with ppc.

    They also have some cool scripts on their site.

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    Yea go with the pixel tracking or if the network has a conversion code for the ppc network use that also so you will be able to tell which ad and which keywords converted for you.
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      When someone clicks around your Wordpress website, how does Wordpress track the Prosper SID code?

      The user clicks an advert, Prosper tags on an SID and sends them to your Wordpress site. The user browses a few pages and clicks to order your product. How is it possible to track that SID code as the user moves around the website?

      Is a Wordpress plugin available for that?

      So, you want to sell me another way to easily make "X" dollars in "X" days? ROFL too funny! IM success requires hard work and lots of time. Most newbies do not survive the steep learning curve. Anyone who says otherwise is probably selling you a fantasy.

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    I was actually on a site the other day about conversion and I save the information for future use. I've never used them but you can check them out
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    You should be good at conversion tracking. Your adwords panel gives you pretty good information about conversions. The analytics has a "goal" section where you define the full funnel path to reach a desired action. Work on it more closely.

    Though to share some tips about buying cheap shoes this holiday season - if you like shopping :)
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    already figured it out guys but thank you
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      OK so you figured it out by bugging us with your post.

      Share, what do you do to make it work?
      Where to for art though my webhost my webhost
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    Are you talking about tracking keywords and passing a subid on to the affiliate vendor?


    1516167 = "best blue widgets" (keyword phrase)
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    Share please
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