How to determine whether offline advertising is ok or not?

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Ok, suppose a CPA allows these methods of promotion:

Promotion Allowed:Web, Email, Search, SocialNet Promotion Not Allowed:DLS, RegPath, Host And Post / Whitelabel

How would I know if they allow offline advertising or not? Can you tell which CPA offers allow offline advertising or would I need to contact my AM each time?
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    Hey friend...if you're ever unsure if a traffic method is should always ask your manager. They are there to help you and make more money because then they make more money.

    Plus you don't want to implement a traffic method and then find out it wasn't allowed and then they don't pay you for it. So it's always good to check with your affiliate manager.

    Just chat with them on AIM or whatever chat box they prefer, send them a quick message and they respond quick...don't even have to pick up the phone or send an email.
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