I need HELP with Tracking 202 and Plenty of Fish...

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I'm not an expert on tracking but I am learning. Can someone please breifly explain to me how to track this...

1. I am testing out one landing page on Plenty of Fish. (not direct link to affiliate page)

2. I've got TWO pretty good ads driving traffic to my presell landing page.

3. I'm using Azoogle and Tracking202 Pro.

How can I set this up so I can see WHICH of the two ads converts the most?

Can someone please kindly explain this to me?
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    I think you need to do the following.

    1. set up pof as a ppc account in 202
    2. set up azoogle as an affilate network in 202
    3. set up a campaign in 202 - this will be the landing page(s) url that azoogle gives you for the offer.
    4. set up a landing page in 202 - this is your website
    5. get the landing page code from 202- this will give you two sets of code. One is a script you add to the bottom of your landing page. The other is the link you use from your landing page to the azoogle offer.
    6. get the postback/pixel url from 202 at the bottom you will look for the url below - Unsecured hxxp:// link
    7. Go to Azoogle and select from tools ->universal pingback.
    8. Add your ping back url and append %%SUB_ID%% to the end of it so that 202 knows what to connect it with.
    9. Now for the ads, you have a couple of options. Normally, you would set up an ad in 202 and then replicate it on the ppc network, but that is a lot of work. for POF, I go to get links in 202 and select my campaign and my landing page and get the link. That is the link you will stick into your pof ad. I then append something unique as the keyword for each ad. So I might have d1, d2, d3 etc for my dating ads.

    This should allow you to use keyword tracking to see click throughs and conversions by ad.

    hope this makes sense.
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    Thanks PoolHall, I will give that a shot!
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    How would I setup tracking for multiple landing pages (my created landing pages, not LP's from the offer) and multiple ads in Plenty of Fish like this...

    Let's say I want to segment out one campaign for people aged 25, 26, 27, etc.

    For each group above, I will test 4 landing pages. So it will be like this...

    Age 25 - LP1, LP2, LP3, LP4
    Age 26 - LP1, LP2, LP3, LP4
    Age 27 - LP1, LP2, LP3, LP4
    Age 28 - LP1, LP2, LP3, LP4

    Does that mean I will have to create 16 landing pages with unique URL's and SubID's? The CPA offer will be the same on all pages.

    Or is there a easier way to do this?

    I guess I could rotate the LP's with Prosper202 but I'm not sure exactly how to get this setup correctly.

    Can someone PLEASE help with this? Tracking is becoming such a mess and confusing for me.
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      Here's what I would suggest to start:

      I would create 4 text ads in 202 per pof campaign. eg t1c1, t2c1, t3c1, t4c1, t1c2, t2c2 etc. (you could do more or less than 4 depending on how many ads you want to test in pof at the same time, but 4 would allow you to test 2 images with 2 headlines each)

      Then I would create a prosper202 split tester page like shown here: search google for
      prosper202 rotate landing pages - I don't have enough posts to post a link, but I found instructions there at the first result.

      I would then create a campaign with points at the true offer page(s) and put that on the landing pages.

      Then in POF, I would use create 4 ads. Run them until I had a winner, then add two more ads in 202 and add those to POF.

      I would probably start with 2 pof campaigns, 8 text ads, 2lps and 2 offers to start to keep it simple and make sure it works. From there you should be able to scale it up.
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