Need an advise from experienced CPA affiliates!

by pana
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I found a great site that offers a banner space for $10 a month for approximately 300,000 impressions. Its a game site thats dedicated to some game online, what you think would be the best offer to place there something freebie correct? Which one though? And how do I check the visitors stats and where the visitors are coming from, don't got it.. And over all do you think it a decent deal $10 for 3k impressions? Thank you!
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    3000 impressions or 300,000 impressions? If it's for 300,000 impressions then thats 3 cent CPM. $10 is a pretty cheap test for that many impressions so I'd say try it out.

    Best offers would probably be gaming offers and some freebies yes. If you can find a game that is in the same genre as the one that the site is dedicated to, then make your banner say something like "Game 1 vs. Game 2? You decide! Click here to play Game 2 now and see why Game 1 players are moving over..."

    Or something like that.

    You could try Alexa or to see which countries the visitors are coming from. Or you could go with a global offer like FreeLotto and try that. I would also recommend rotating several offers and seeing which, if any, stick..... if you have access to an adserver you can change the banners on your end and specify via geography.
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    thank you that was helpfull..
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