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I am in desperate need of a easy to understand step by step tutorial on how to set up a Cpa Lead campaign from start to finish. I can see this as a great revenue maker but I just need some technical help so I can really start taking action. Anyone's help is greatly appreciated.Thanks

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    I'm gonna post my eBook later man.
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    Youtube have videos on nearly everything so I would expect to find videos to show you how to set uo a CPA campaign. If not then there is an opening for someone to jump in and post a video on the subject.

    I have video tutorials from Philip Mansour that takes you through setting up a campaign from choosing the offer, writing the ad and selecting the media company to promote the ad campaign.


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    i second dean 7227 recomendation, this is a great series and really helps you get to know the basics
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      Great stuff guys. That's why this forum is so great. Warriors helping warriors!!
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    dean 7227 posted the video which i watched sometime ago
    it works ..i made my 1st buck with the method
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    Lots of different approachs on this one bro and everyone has an opinion! I'm making my island money right now with a very easy and cool program that works like crazy, see my sig file for what I have recently reviewed and implemented with great success.

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    I am not familiar with CPAlead yet but currently i have one account with them just do not have enough time to play with them yet.
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