Maxbounty No Longer Supplies RFT's?

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Hey warriors I was just browsing some of the of the offers on maxbounty and was wondering if they had any good rft's and noticed that there was nothing. Is maxbounty no longer supporting rft's due to the bad rep that is associated with them? or is there a another reason behind it? Can someone please shed some light on this matter for me and the other warriors please.
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    Pardon my ignorance, but I'm not familiar with the term RFT's?
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    I too would like to know what this 'rft' term means then maybe we can help you.
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      That stands for Risk Free Trials

      Yes they still have RFTs, you can search under the trial offer drop down menu.

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    Thanks wrecker,
    It amazes me that forum posters spell out everything except that we need to know to respond.
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    I do not know any bad rep of maxbounty and i am willing to join them as well. anyway, i love to use rft to make profit from my traffic source
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