anyone experienced with netflix and cc processing?

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Hi everyone, first post. new to CPA and stuff..

So my question is, I have a website which sells membership to a member section at a monthly subscription, I wish to offer a free month if a user signs up with netflix under my affiliated url, i am hoping to gain the following information,

how much does netflix pay for someone who cancels their netflix after the free trial ends, before they are charged for one month,

am i allowed to do this?

is their a way for one of my websites visitors to provide me with information that they in fact signed up for netflix, like do they get a special number which I could match against my own account database of people who signed up under my id,...
i hope that made sense...

main question, is there a way to automate the creation of an account (password protected) when the person has finished signing up with netflix, through my affiliate url.. so i do not have to create it manually seeing that this may be several hundred or thousand times.

thank you all for any help you could provide.
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