Can anyone Tell Me What a Jump Page Is?

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I have just started with a major ppv network, and i heard the term jump page tossed about. What exactly is a jump page? Is it just a direct link, or is it something more complex?

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  • A jump page typically refers to an intermediate page on your site that has been blocked from being crawled via the robots.txt using something like:

    User-agents: *
    Disallow: /jumppage.php

    Any affiliate or advertising links you have on your site you would send through the jumppage.php page passing in the destination URL in a query string parameter that is URL encoded like:

    The jump page can then log clicks and do other things before the user is sent off to another site... But most importantly, it keeps you from passing PR to that other site because it's blocked by your robots.txt. It's similar to using NOFOLLOW on the affiliate and advertiser links.
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      Sorry for starting up an old topic, but I was looking for this same information. Would using something like or be considered a jump page? Thanks
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