Which CPA network accepts without your website

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Hey guys,

I got accepted with some CPA networks but I would like to apply to the bigger guys.
My question is, which one of these top CPA networks accepts you without your website. I'm driving traffic through PPC. If you got rejected can you re-apply after a few weeks or you have to wait for months.


Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
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    you should not talk about CPA if you cannot afford a small clean website.

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    I just bought an ebook that suggests cpalead as one that accepts everyone-newbies with no site included. I usually check WF reviews before signing up for anything, so I'm here looking for others that can share their experience. Unfortunately, that means I can't confirm if the ebook is right, but you might try it.
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    Thanks guys for your input. Actually I have a one year old Google blogger LP review website but doesn't receive enough traffic & that might the reason why I was rejected with 2 of the bigger networks.

    One of the Gurus here suggested that I might be better just to tell the networks that you'll be doing PPC and direct linking.

    Thanks Greg & Affiliate Buddy for your replies. I was accepted with CPAlead, they are ok but they don't have enough offers and banners to promote. I also got accepted with Affiliate.com & Flux.com.

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    We don't need people to make websites to get into our network - as a matter of fact when we see that people make "fake" sites as placeholders they get instantly denied.
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