Are you a newbie, this will help!

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I thought this might help some of you guys. During my tenure as an affiliate manager with EWA, I use to put out weekly addresses to help teach and inspire my publishers to achieve higher ROI's on their campaigns. In this address I practically gave my campaigns away. I not only managed affiliates, but I'm an affiliate also.

This address is a little dated, but the concepts are still what I use today to make money as an affiliate. For some of you this maybe what you need to break through the barrier and start making some serious $$$. But I have to tell you, there is absolutely no substitute for hard work. You have to get on the grind, and push through. Enjoy guys. Here's the link to Address.

P.S This is a Google docs link, not trying to sale no ebooks. Just want to help the guys who are really serious and just need a push.

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