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Hi all, I'm newish to CPA but am committing to the path; when affiliate marketing a product I'm using, naturally, keywords like, buy xxx, purchase xxx, xxx price, etc etc, all the buy action related keywords.
If I'm using seo and or articles, for CPA, what type of keywords work best, ie buy action, or can you show me a couple of keywords that get good reactions?
I could guess that people searching for 'free offer xxx, what others?

thanks BR88
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    Buying keywords are product names, product models, certain problem as far as I know.
    This is totally more for CPS model.

    But what regards CPA i would like to know for sure myself as well here.

    Definitely solve problems, as seen on TV, free stuff kwds.

    Anyone with ready-set-and-forget-sure-fire-killer kw scheme for CPA?
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    I don't use article marketing and SEO with CPA, but I used them with Clickbank products for several months.

    Based on my experience, the "buying keywords" are not the only ones that convert. With CPA, you hav many offers that don't require a purchase to convert, so I think that you don't need to focus always on buying keywords.

    When working with article marketing, in my opinion, the most important factor is that you get traffic from search engines. Choose keywords thta you can rank for. Using "bum" methods and submitting tons of PLR articles to many article directories isn't effective. It's much better you write few articles that get a 1st page on Google than 1,000s of articles that no one will ever read.

    You can analyze the competition of the keywords "manually", just consider the number of competitors and how strong the websites on the first page are. However, if you have a good budget you may want to buy a tool to help you with this task. I used to use Keyword Elite 2.0 and I highly recommend it, but there are other options such as Market Samurai, which is very good, too.

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    Hi WilliamRS, I'm keen on the products listed in your signature box but can't figure out how to buy them? How/where do I buy them? Been trying to solve this for a few weeks.
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