Warrors! Lend me your Brains! TONS OF TRAFFIC AND POTENTIAL!

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You have heard of Mochi Ads?

The Largest Network of Online Games – Mochi Media :: Fueling Creativity

They are an ad platform for flash games.

I got to this CPA ad page by clicking on one of those "shoot the duck'' type ads and when you click it it goes to the website which is a squeeze page like ad without the sign up form. The ad promo's this site (free game site):

Play free games and win prizes at Gamevance. Gamevance offers free tournament games, play games, free online games, featured games and more!

Mochi ads places ads at the loading screen of the game. I have done flash shootem up before (you can play it here-not my site, just one of the many sites the game is featured in):

Star Bores Episode 1 Game - Free Online Shooting Games

I made this in about a week and it got 25000 plays+ in one site alone in one week alone! With no further promotion on that same site I got a few thousand more plays over the years. I think the global plays on all sites it is featured have to be more than a million (or at least in the mid to high six figures)!

I placed a ClickBank affiliate link to a now defunct movie/music download site and got NOT ONE SINGLE SALE, with literally tens of thousands of views, at least! I have no idea why but they are definitely no longer on CB, and yes the sales page was slick, attractive and cool looking. The affiliate link has since been removed after a couple years of receiving no sales.

So basically the reason I posted is this; making at least one, but even two or more of these month would be do-able for me so I can generate AT LEAST 50000 plays: THAT's PLAYs NOT UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL GAMERS! A quick game like this will be played at least a few times by the same player, but seriously, conservative estimate, I generated globally at least 75000 and likely more individual gamers to this game.

So help me out people, can you tell me specifically how I can turn those game views and plays into cash? Mochi Ads is the Adsense (read Ad CENTS ) of the flash game world; there is significant revenue but they get the lion's share of the ad revenue and they split it with you, so I would rather run my own ad campaigns.

I don't know if the Clickbank vendor was shady or what, but I did not get ONE sale from them and they certainly got some traffic. These gamers are freebie seekers as far as the game goes, so IMHO, charging them to play or even one of those CPA Lead content screens will not work (IMHO; I havent tested this but it seems correct) as most willl be sophisticated enough to find the game elsewhere and even if I site lock it, most will pass as they are seeking the immediate gratification of gameplay.

Most of these flash sites' ads are to other free game sites like the one with the link above. My problem with CPA networks is the longevity of the offers. Even if, for example I would promote a substantial company like netflix via in game CPA, the offer would die off even though netflix would still be around. I figure I would circumvent this with a generic 'shoot the duck' ad that just gets them to click. That would lead to my ad page and I would cycle the CPA offer, split testing, and keeping it optimized and current for the length of the game series.

As the game becomes a series, 100k individual gamers plus openings are not unusual, (talking globally of course) as it will develop a fan following. THAT IS WITHOUT ANY FURTHER PROMOTION! Not talking facebook fan page for the series, not talking gamer forum marketing, youtube walkthroughs, etc. All of that would be extra! So you see, warriors, I have given this a lot of thought. So tell me please, given what I have described above...

How to I turn this into a good living?

Thanks go out to all who give a thoughtful reply.
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    Try to use CPA offers related to games such as Evony or Travian. You can also try to build email lists or flip your sites on Flippa. If you know how to generate traffic you probably are just one step from making an income online.

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    What william said. We have Travian, FIFA soccer and some other games. They do well with the mochi sort of placements.

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    Thanks fellas. That's the kind of specific suggestion I was looking for.

    Mochi Ads come with an in game API that automatically cycles ads and replaces those that dont convert with fresh offers. Other than an in game link to my ad/squeeze page where I can edit and cycle the content, any suggestions about any in game ads that I can place without revenue share that can cylce as stated?

    basically, If I just do the in game banner ad thing, that will be useless once the offer expires. I would have liked to cycle the ads in my game so I could at least have other offers after the affiliate tanked.
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