Anyone seeing successful results in their CPA campaign from Facebook Ads?

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Hey guys this just a general question. I'm looking to get in to PPC later on when i can afford it. And with google being so strict now, FB Ads may seem to prove a viable alternative.

What opinions do you have of Facebook ads? Are you seeing a good return on your investments and could it one day surpass Google Adsense?

Also I know they have tightened up a bit on their rules. Do they still allow direct linking to CPA offers?

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    Facebook is a great platform and it's possible to create huge campaigns with them.

    However, at least for me, FB has proven to be one of the hardest PPC platforms to work with. I'm not saying this because of their hard rules, but because of the difficult involved in finding a profitable campaign with them. I'm pretty sure that some warriors are making $1K+ a day with them and many others ate least $100 a day. I myself have some successful campaigns running with them. But I think that FB can be though for a beginner.

    In my opinion, it's a bit hard to understand FB users' mindset. So I think that search engines, mainly Yahoo!, could be an easier way to get started with PPC.

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    I would make so much more money if they approved anything. I finally "cracked the code" over there after losing a good penny, now I just need to figure out how to get offers approved more than once every 500+ submissions
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    Lots of affiliates are still doing insanely well on Facebook.

    You will get tons of your ads disapproved for no apparent reason. You will have terrible CTRs, and sometimes your traffic won't convert for anything.

    It's just part of the game. Lazy affiliates are horrible at Facebook - those that work hard and consistently at it can create some huge campaigns.
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    I'm getting about $300+ a day on facebook but I spent a lot of money at first, because unlike adwords it is very hard to track the conversions or track which demographics produced the sale.

    Unless you know your market spot on it would be better to start with adwords first.
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    I started using FB for CPA ads last Friday as it so happens, on Friday I made one sale, Sunday I made 2 sales, and yestereday I made another sale, each sale made me £50. (it's a UK site) So for me in my niche FB has worked well so far.
    I have now put another 2 ads on FB just to see what they do. Will let you know how I get on.
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    well one good way to start with facebook if your low cheese is to head over to and invest ina voucher like you would do before using adwords. I've seen some for like 250 in credit. I would do that for testing just to see so you wont lose as much cash in the begining but you wil never know unless you test it to see
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    Of course. I have prove it.
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