3003 Impressions and NO Clicks?

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So...after going through Christian's CPA Traffic Dojo, Pawel Rezska POF Cash and Mike Morgan POF Domination Secrets, I launched my very first POF campaign.

Just got approved like 2 hours ago and now ads are running. Since then there has been 3003 impressions, combined for 5 creatives but ZERO clicks.

Is this normal? How long does it normally take to see some results i.e clicks etc?

Mister Bryan
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    i used up my 25$ there for testing...only get 7-10clicks...
    but over 100k impressions
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    CTR is not easy with POF, but it's the key to succeed there.

    For example, let me tell you a short story about my latest venture with them.

    First, I chose an offer with a well-known network without talking to my aff manager. That could be a mistake, but I really thought that I could do well with the offer, even seeing that it didn't have a very good EPC. Then I created a few ads, chose my demographics and launched a campaign.

    1st test (direct linking)
    CTR: 0.04%
    EPC: $1
    CPM: $0.30
    Daily cost: $20

    Analyzing the numbers... Great EPC, terrible CTR, good CPM and very low volume (daily cost was low, if I were making 100% in profits I still would make just $20 a day).

    What should I change? First, my ads, because I needed a better CTR. Second, increase my bid (CPM) in order to get a better volume.

    2nd test (direct linking)
    CTR: 0.1%
    EPC: $0.70
    CPM: $0.60
    Daily cost: $150

    Ok, I fixed what needed to be fixed, but my EPC decreased a lot! Why? The advertiser made some small (yes, very small!) changes on the offer's page. So now I had the campaign working well on POF, but what could I do to fix the problem of the landing page, since I had absolutely no way to change the offer's page?

    The solution I found was to build my own landing page to change people's mindset before they are exposed to the offer. So I created teh landing page and made another test today.

    3rd test (landing page)
    CTR: 0.1%
    EPC: $1.15 (!)
    CPM: $0.60
    Daily cost: $150

    Conclusion: if I keep with these numbers during my next tests I'll be making $150 with only one campaign on POF. Not too much, but definetely a nice extra cash.

    Now, some tips to help you:

    1. Split-test many images and ad copies. The only way you have to get a good CTR is by finding good combinations.

    2. You can direct link first to see if the offer converts, but a good landing page can skyrocket your profits.

    3. Understand people's mindset. I had already launched other campaigns with POF, this is the reason why I easily found the right demographics for that campaign. However, if you don't have experience with that platofrm you need to use different demographics and find out what's the right public for a specific offer.

    4. You need some persistence and a budget, because testing is the only way you have to create profitable campaigns on POF.

    5. Talk to your affiliate manager, don't try to guess which offers are good and which aren't, unless you are an experienced marketer. I'm already working on another campaign and now I got an offer suggested by my affiliate manager. I think it will be a nice challenge, because I'm pretty sure that the offer will convert like crazy, but the payout is very low, so I'll need to work a lot on my numbers to find the right combination.

    Good luck!

    William Souza
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    I'd have to say that your first mistake is only having 5 creatives.

    Platforms like Facebook and PlentyOfFish take a lot of image and adcopy testing.

    You should really be testing at least 20 images and several different adcopy variations.

    3003 impressions over 5 creatives really isn't that many - you need to test each creative to a few thousand impressions at minimum to see what the CTR is going to be like.
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