Use HasOffers for affiliate tracking?

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Here's the scoop. I have a HasOffers Pro account from their initial launch. Obviously now they offer a few paid levels that, unless you are a super affiliate or starting a network, you probably just use one of the other options like P202.

On their site - Affiliate Advertising Business Models | HasOffers - they speak to affiliates/publishers as it being a solution for their tracking and managing of campaigns.

I am wondering if there are any affiliates using HasOffers for this? I'd like to know best practices for doing it - as in what structure do you take in setting up your campaigns when you find an offer from a cpa network? There is a lot of functionality there, given that it is intended to be a full scale platform for a network....I'm sure most of it wouldn't be used just for affiliate tracking :confused:

I realize I could just use p202, but I would like to learn how to use the system, as I would eventually like to use this platform to run my own affiliate products through (info products, marketing software, local offline clients, etc....NOT trying to be another start-up cpa network ) as well as develop some tools for their api.

Soooooo - long winded, but is anyone doing this and if so, can you give me some tips on properly structuring the account.

Many thanks, and look forward to meeting some of you at ASE in 2 weeks.

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    If anyone is looking for a silver pass to ASE (affiliate summit east) I have one for sale. PM me with contact info. It goes on eBay tomorrow.

    They are sold out - so you can't get one at the door now.

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      Originally Posted by Da Jules View Post

      If anyone is looking for a silver pass to ASE (affiliate summit east) I have one for sale. PM me with contact info. It goes on eBay tomorrow.

      They are sold out - so you can't get one at the door now.

      Don't miss out!
      dude - what's this got to do with using Hasoffers for tracking campaigns? Thanks for the bump, as I'd still love to hear from some affiliates on the topic at hand.
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        Originally Posted by DavidCutter View Post

        dude - what's this got to do with using Hasoffers for tracking campaigns? Thanks for the bump, as I'd still love to hear from some affiliates on the topic at hand.
        Bump, I'm also looking for a response but on another thread... Hopefully someone with experience will respond..
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    Hi guys, I am familiar enough with HasOffers to probably give you some insight. There have been a few big updates in recent months which added a lot of features and enhancements -- you should definately poke around your account if you have not recently done so.

    At the minimum level if you go in with the goal of consolidating your traffic and stats to one system, you would basicly be setting up a "network" for one affiliate, yourself. This is similar to what you could do with P202, but HasOffers adds the ability to handle additional affiliate accounts and so on.

    Brokering an offer from another network is not difficult. You use your tracking link as the destination URL, and add the conversion pixel at the network you are getting the offer from. There are a lot of options you can tweak from that point on but that is 90% of it.

    If you have an advertiser you work with directly you can feel comfortable acting as their ad server and/or their affiliate tracking solution (or even just driving traffic to them if they already have these things in place). You can do geo-targeting, browser targeting, a bunch of stuff with creatives and split-testing, etc.

    The same applies if you own a product yourself. The HasOffers system can host the creatives, track the campaigns, manage affiliates, handle suppression lists, and can handle customer lists as well (although you would probably want a dedicated CRM for your customer info).

    So, if you had all the offers you run from various networks plugged in plus any exclusives you can scare up then you would have a pretty sweet setup going for yourself. What would be cool about being on the HasOffers platform at that point is that you can accept affiliates and they can start pushing traffic to any offers in your HasOffers system without you doing much more than approving their account registration. You could think of this as super-charged subid tracking I guess.

    Beyond just conversion tracking, the HasOffers "Ad Manager" gives you advanced ad-serving and campaign tracking and targeting features that you can do very sophisticated things with if you get in to it. Think split-testing creatives, rotating banners, have an adtag display geo-targeted banners, etc. The rotator can optimize based on CTR, conversion rate, etc. if you want as well.

    As far as reporting is concerned, the stats are very rich (and basicly real-time) -- subids, IP addresses, click referrers, sale amounts, etc. etc. You can sort and filter by a lot of various criteria to get the picture you want from the numbers.

    Ok I think that is long enough. I don't actually run traffic, but I work on the technical side of things and I have a lot of experience with HasOffers. Feel free to ask me questions about what it can do or how, I can probably tell you.

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      @Jason4AGE - Hey man, it seems you know HasOffers really well--much better than their customer support.

      So I'd like to ask you, if I'm creating my own affiliate network with HasOffers, but promoting Clickbank and other CPA products, how can I track conversions? Won't there need to be some code on the advertiser's conversion page?

      Because I realize that Clickbank can track it, but I want my HasOffers affiliates to be able to see their stats.

      Please let me know, it would REALLY help me out. Thank you!

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    Hello, very wellput reply - thank you verymuch!

    I have a question for you about hasoffers.

    So do I have a membership access inside my account for each one of the affiliates, to check their stats. It has to be some legitimate partnership, long as hasoffers is 100$ a month and is designed for these kinds of partnership.

    PLease clarify how it is possible to invite partners to my own network within the hasoffers system.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Jason - thanks for the detailed response. I've got a few more ideas in mind to make use of the system from several angles. I'm definitely going to be stopping by their booth at ASE and hoping to get some clarity, but I need to really go through some of their documentation. They just released a really nice looking plugin, but need to have network or dedicated plan

    You going to ASE?
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      Nice reply and much appreciated. Now, by chance do you know of anyone who I can outsource the setup process to?
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        Hey Jason,

        I need to know which requirements I should fulfill before signing up with hasoffers to create an affiliate network.

        For instance
        1. Should I already have a website template
        2. Should I already have a domain
        3. etc.

        Some other questions
        1. Can you use your own domain to point to your subdomain for it to act as if it was all available under your domain in the 99$ package?
        2. Can you use your own template wordpress/joomla style? So you have some elements you just insert into your code on their servers and all of a sudden nothing looks anymore like hasoffers but all like your unique design.
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    I think that hasoffers customer support now is suck, not phone, just chat
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    Bump, help needed
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    I'm on an affiliate network that is run through HasOffers. It's a fairly high profile set of offers which you probably see advertised all over AdWords, AdSense and popular websites.

    As an affiliate - I like the interface, the tracking and the options I have. I see daily conversion details, I'm basically sending leads to their optin pages and hasoffers tracks the number of lead conversions.

    Then they sell to the list and sales are happening :-)

    It's a good system. The publisher is running a closed, application only affiliate network.
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