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Okay, sort of, but not really. I would like to meet up and network with a few of the CPA warrior forum members at Affiliate Summit next week.

Since I don't really know any of you on a personal level and will be flying solo at the event, I figured it would be easiest to meet a few awesome peeps over a cup of caffeine

If you want to take me up on some conversation and a pick-me-up, shoot me a PM so we can set it up. You can pick your favorite big fat Starbucks coffee (or your favorite specialty mocha-chocha low fat soy machiatto) and it's on me.

Or better yet, if there are several here maybe we can all try to meet up for a quick meet and greet.

If you've already got too many friends in the affiliate world, or your schedule is booked tight, then I'll get over the rejection. But if you are around and free, I'd love to connect.


ps- I'm NOT trying to sell or pitch anything just looking to shoot the breeze and talk a little internet marketing. I'm happily married, so ladies need not worry about it being a thinly disguised plan to pick up chicks.
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