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From what I've researched, it goes in this order:

Zip submits, download/phone#, e-mail submits, free trials.

Your thoughts?
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    like you said above.

    within the last 3 days with a small list of 1000 we cashed $250 on email submit and and zip submits as well with Peerfly and MaxBounty campaings offers.

    PS. let me know if you would like to speak to the account managers (Peerfly and MaxBounty) that me and my team work with
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    For me I would say:

    - Short forms
    - Re-bills / Free-trials.
    - Email/zip
    - Cost Per Sale.
    Reserved for TheAnnoyingOrange
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    It depends on your traffic source and skills. I like email/zip submits and lead gen offers.
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    My two cents...

    It COMPLETELY depends on your traffic and your campaign.

    Its almost like posting a question on here that says "What Should I go Fishing For Tomorrow". Nobody can answer that unless they know where you live and what type of fishing you like to do (flyfishing, freshwater, saltwater)

    I can say that Tuna is the best to fish for, but if you are fishing in Kansas, its impossible to catch a Tuna.

    So the questions...

    What Is The Best Type of CPA Offer
    What is the best method to promote CPA offers
    What is the best traffic source

    ...are all questions that dont have a global answer to!

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