How can you track EPC in your emails ... (went down like a lead ballon in the main forum)

by Big Al
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Hi guys

I've got a list and monitor my open rates, clicks etc but was wondering if there was a way to montior Earnings Per Click in my emails.

This is new to me but I think it's valuble (correct me if I'm wrong) because ultimately it doesn't matter how many open or click ... it's really about how many buy.

I an considering getting hypertracker to manage my figures more and was assuming to work out what emails sell (and how much) will be a manual job of checking my email stats with the analytics in my affiliate network.

Anyway ... maybe I'm out of my depth

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    I'm not exactly sure if it's the same thing, because I haven't used it yet, but Aweber has a new feature that tracks sales. That's literally all I know about it though...
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    I think you could use subIDs
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      I have recently setup each of my lists as a PPC account in Tracking202 and used the tracking link from Tracking202 in my emails. Haven't had time to see how effective it works.
      Theory is to be able to get EPC for each list.
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