Do I get credited/paid even if they refund on a rebill/trial?

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I plan on promoting mobile offers, but I just can't see how anyone will submit their mobile number for these kind stuff. Are people really willing to pay $9.95/month just to see a cartoon version of themselves, what their baby will look like, or just to see their IQ score? For the last part, if their IQ is so high, they wouldn't be subscribing $9.95/month for ring tones, right? :p

I think the majority of teens might be curious but don't most mobile offer cater towards 18+ yr only?

Now, what if people cancel their mobile subscription or refund a trial offer (**** berry, teeth whitener, etc) - do most affiliate networks still pay you for the lead?
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    You will be paid for those leads as well, but in future advertiser will scrub you as much as he can to recover all his expenses ; )
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