New to the game and have some question???

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I have spent the last few weeks lingering around the WF and taking in tons and tons of new information. I have noticed that all newbies tend to have the same questions. "How do I get into this or that CPA network".

All the advice I have come across has been very helpful. I have applied to a few Networks and been denied by those "few" networks. I am totally new to the game with no experience what so ever as well as no website (I do have some stuff in the works). So I totally understand why a network would not want someone as green as me promoting products. What I lack in experience I really make up for in work ethic and wanting to make some money.

So, How do I get approved............Just Kidding Everyone.

Any advice you guys could offer up would be most helpful.

Also, if any CPA networks run across this and want to give a rookie a shot that would be awesome.

Thanks for all your help in advance.
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