Rebate Offers // Similar To Rebills // Looking For Feedback

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We just got a handful of offers on the network that are 'rebate' offers. They are in the old school niche of the trial/rebill offers - teeth whitening, ****, colon, men's health, tanning product, etc...

They show a charge of $0.00 on the 2nd page of the lander which is great for conversions but they bill the user's credit card in a different way than the rebills do - they actually capture the funds up front.

It's actually kinda weird how the offer is presented but the landers and offers look absolutely amazing. I am looking for some feedback from you guys on these... We have some pubs that are going to start running them next week but I want to get some feedback from the Warrior community on them. Your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback if appreciated.

Hope you all are having a good weekend!

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