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Which is the best CPA Network?
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    Hmm.... it's very hard to think on the best cpa network...there are many like neverblueads.com , cpalead.com , maxbounty.com....A CPA network is good if you have many good offers and if you make money!

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    There is no best, it's all based on personal preference
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    Try Empyre media we have many offers in almost all verticals
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      Originally Posted by EmpyreRJ View Post

      Try Empyre media we have many offers in almost all verticals
      How are they different from any other network and what makes them stand out?
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    I can throw out about ten good ones off the top of my head. It all depends on what you are looking for. Do you like cost-per-sale products (CJ, Clickbank)? Cost-per-lead (Many)? Insurance (FYC Direct)? Email submits (Many)?

    If you have a specific vertical or marketing method you would like to know what network would fit best with, I have found that to be the easiest way to pose the question. (ie. What network has good dating offers that convert through email marketing?)

    Also do your research and be sure whatever network(s) you jump onto...they pay.
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    any better afflicate website for a new commer?????
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      I dont want to self promote..but click my link :-)

      Its all on preference, there is no "best"
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    I am using only cpalead. I think it is best for me.
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    I think that on each network you can find good offers and bad offers. I recommend you do the following:

    1 - Join as much CPA networks that you can (to get variety of offers)
    2 - Check the offers according to their EPC
    3 - Talk with the affiliate manager to get info on the best offers in this network

    If I need to vote to 1 CPA network - I would vote for Clickbooth.
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    Based on my experiences:

    Best interface: Neverblue
    Best selection of offers that convert: Neverblue
    Best payouts: Neverblue/EWA
    Best affiliate manager: Clickbooth
    Broadest range of offers: EWA
    Best selection of international offers: EWA
    Best general affiliate training: EWA
    Still making my mind up: Convert 2 Media (have only recently signed up)



    Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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    To be quite honest, I ended up working closely with an owner of a new network that alot of people may be scared to join. The one thing I want you guys to understand is that sometimes people post stuff on WF and they're flat out lying. I won't say they own another network, but I suspect it.
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    Yups,there is no best...as far you are generating legit traffic you are always welcomed by the network.

    Neha Saini
    AIM: neha86saini@gmail.com

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      They are all different enough to keep them in business.

      Try out some of them to see for yourself which ones
      you wants to work with. You need to tset them yourself
      to see what best fits your style.
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    I use CPA Lead so i will suggest you to go for that.
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    Neverblue + Maxbounty
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    I'm obviously impartial but I think the personal @ neverblue are some of the best in the industry...

    15% of their staff is compliance
    They've never been sued
    ... they also tend to lead the pack in terms of new offer along w/ Azoogle.
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    I have been working with cpalead and dollarade. I must say, cpalead is a lot more professional, but with the same traffic, same website ... I made over 300% more with dollarade. So from 40$/day I managed to earn over 100$ with the same site.

    So in short terms, if you ask me, currently dollarade is a good payer
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    You should always test to see which cpa network is the best for you.

    Try to choose then only ten cpa networks which offers convert well for you and go on with them :-))

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    I have to say ACP they give you good support and also they pay on time I even talk to the owner time from time he is a nice guy and down to earth. 24-7 online support plus you get paid every 2 weeks earn enough and get paid weekly ACP ROCKS!!

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    I think it's difficult to name an absolute "best" network.

    Every network has it's prons and cos.

    Some networks have higher payouts but lack in support and are not so reliable.

    Other networks have lower payouts but they have top notch support and pay like clockwork.

    I would say that Neverblue is pretty much a safe bet, but they are a bit limited in terms of the offers they have and their payouts are not the highest.

    hope this helps,
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    it's up to you ,I use the leadbolt and cpalead .I think the both are good for me .
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    For me its Moreniche. These lot are very co-operative and mainly the articles they give are amazing. They just save so much of money and work together to promote.
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