Anyone worked with CPX Interactive?

by ak2000
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I've received an offer for CPA and CPM from them and was wondering if anyone had worked with them and had some thoughts / experiences to share?

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    they are legit

    what do you mean you received an offer for CPM from them? Are they wanting to advertise on you site?
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      Very curious to hear your reply to indexphp post / question but to answer your question...they are a very legitimate company, we work with them extensively, they're based right in NY right by COPEAC...

      Best of Luck.

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        CPX interactive has more banner/pop reach than any direct response network on the internet.

        I'd highly recommend working w/ them if you have the offer
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    I wouldn't say their payout rates are as competitive as CasaleMedia or ValueClick, but they are decent and they pay on time. I've been with them for quite a number of years.

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    Thanks all - for sake of clarity, they offered me a package as an advertiser, not as a website owner (ie I pay for impressions and CPA) and was wondering if anyone had any experiences

    Guess if they are decent and serious with website owners they should be with advertisers too...
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    Has anyone had any success advertising with CPX Interactive?
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    Not yet - will let you know if a few weeks' time!
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    My experience with CPX for advertising has been ****, be careful with them.
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    yes it's a good network . you can try your luck with them..
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    CPX is one of the best CPM networks out there, as good as Casale, Burst, TF
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