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by Cash37
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I am going to make an effort to give more value to this forum, starting with this post.

What I want to do is share how I think with people who may be inexperienced or veteran marketers who are just curious and want to see how another marketer does it.

So here is one of my easiest, profit-pulling campaign that anyone can duplicate. Why am I sharing this? I'll be honest:

1.) The site took BuySellAds down and raised their private buy in to a $5,000 minimum.

2.) I let the domain expire for this a few weeks ago.

So lets get right into the details:

Offer: SMC
Payout: $3.80 to $4.00
Network: - Scale foward and stay ahead (started with EWA but PKM always converts higher for ME... use this advice at your own discretion)

SMC is a simple offer, the person just requests their "free business kit" and you make $3.80 for a first page submission. Pretty straight forward I'll say. The only problem is if you know anything about SMC it is about selling little trinkets and many people are not going to be excited off the bat about it.

My inspiration:

For weeks and weeks I saw an ad on about a guy named Daryl who "quit his job thanks to starting SMC." The ad went to a simple flog style landing page where "Daryl" convinces us that SMC is the hottest bizopp since sliced bread...

So what I did...

I knew that since I had the offer in PKM I was going to run it in a similar fashion as "Daryl" but I did not want to try to compete with him directly on Worldstarhiphop's inventory. No one would have won IMO, we'd just keep cutting under deals and raising each others cost on whatever inventory they do have.

So I took his lead, but didn't steal his idea directly and looked for my own place to advertise SMC in a similar way.

I headed over to because I knew they had a TON of inventory available that I could buy easily without any quality score BS (Im banned on Adwords) or any approval team (at the time I was banned on FB too for running a mobile offer they previously approved, WTF)

Anyways, I went through all the sites on BSA to see if anything piqued my interest. I was not looking for any kind of site in particular. Just whatever caught my eye browsing... and then I found it....

Yes, THAT One of if not the largest twitter add-on site outside of twitpic, was advertising via BSA and I could buy an ad on it and have it running within minutes. The price was great as well. $250 for 2,500,000+ impressions.

I quickly ran the site through's demographic tools to see who visited the site. Women aged 16-35 were the biggest group, with over 55% of the visits at the time I believe. So thats who I catered my ads to.

My ad copy, and landing page both told the story of a female version of "Daryl" and how she got started with SMC. I uploaded a few different types of ads in BSA to see which got the highest CTR, then scraped the others. I also made two distinctly different versions of my landing page and tested two different calls to action using my custom coded split testing script.

The results:

By the time everything was tested to a profit level I was comfortable keeping, the site went on to make me $600 in profit that month without ever looking at it after all the tests were done.

How can you use this?

There is a lot of traffic out there outside of Google. If you are banned from Adwords then there is no reason why you cannot continue to build money making campaigns and never look back at the big G.

Make sure you are taking note of the ads you see around you daily. If you see ads all over the place for weeks (make my baby anyone?) then there is a reason. They work. Dont be afraid to get in there and put your own twist on it. A lot of the time, simply moving a proven offer to a different demographic that hasn't seen it much is MORE than enough to avoid competition and make you a quiet little killing.

There is no reason you can't do this! Get out there and start testing offers you see with different demographics. Almost ALL of my campaigns are structured in this exact manner, and I will continue to do so. For those that are willing to receive the information and use it you can do this too!
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    Thanks for sending that to me, on your list .. T'was an awesome read, and I'm excited to go and take-action on it...


    Canadian Expat Living in Medellin, Colombia

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    Thanks for the share


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    Awesome information.. flog style landing page may be little risky..does the network approve it... how did you choose twitlonger.. I mean was it pure coincidence that the demographics for the offer & the site matched...
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      Originally Posted by Sachine View Post

      Awesome information.. flog style landing page may be little risky..does the network approve it... how did you choose twitlonger.. I mean was it pure coincidence that the demographics for the offer & the site matched...
      On BSA I believe its up to the site owner. The flog is risky if your running a rebill (see the post above this) that ruins people's lives and credit. SMC is a harmless offer and is actually LEGIT.
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        This case is very helpful for me,thanks.

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        Skype user name is happygammon

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    whats EWA?
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    I love this post man, very inspirational. Nice job in catching on to what is working and emulating it.

    "Successful people do the things unsuccessful people won't do" - (Somebody successful) :)

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    EWA = Eagle Web Assets
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    Originally Posted by ErikNilsson View Post

    Nice Strategy and Inspiring post Thanx Cash I hope You will not Del the Post
    Thanks for the compliments. Take the information and make some money already!
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      Great post, really inspiring to read.

      How long did you keep the ad running for and did it continue to make cash for you?
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    Nice post man - i have done similar!

    Owner at Internet Marketing Deals and Coupons and Landing Page Guys, fully qualified chef turned online entrepreneur, lover of Prosecco and LFC.

    More about me here.

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    Cash 37: whats the approval process on PKM? Im with 3 networks and the Per Lead offers
    are low and payouts are really low compared to PKM.
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