Need a CPM Network: US Traffic

by chickc
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I need a CPM network for a celebrity site with US tarffic

the big one's like TF and Valueclick have declined me

any ideas ?
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    Do you have a blog? Check out Blog advertising makes opinions -

    "To realize the value of ONE-SECOND, ask a person who just avoided an accident."

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    it is not a blog
    any more suggestions ?
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    You'll have to prove a minimum 25k page view consistant. That should be easy with celeb stuff.
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    I'll buy your inventory if there is a good amount of it. PM me.

    Jason Akatiff, CEO, A4D Performance
    Skype: smaxoro, twitter:, blog:

    Join A4D, Now Accepting experienced PPC, Display, PPV, Email affiliates.

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      What kind of traffic are you getting and what demographic?
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    I've spend forever trying to find the best CPM ad network. Glam Media rocks, but it's super hard to get into--I don't have my own account and lose a percentage for the site that's it Glam.

    On my own network, I managed to get into Banner Connect, Burst Media, and Value Click Media.

    So far after 2 weeks, I have the default traffic on Banner Connect and Value. Banner Connect is garbage--I'm getting around 20 cents CPM with mostly USA / Canada traffic.

    Value Click Media is only marginally better at around 35 cents cpm.

    Burst Media is around 75 cents, but it's still too low for what I want. It's actually $1.50, but they keep 50% of the revenue. They also have a very low fill rate, so you need a backup network.

    I still can't get into a premium network like Tribal Fusion, Glam Media, or probably even Gorilla Nation yet.

    I need to find something that does north of a buck CPM still though.

    Any suggestions?
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    Oh, Technorati Media is not well regarded, but they'll take anyone. I tested them for a few weeks way back when. Their CPMs were around 20-30 cents which sucked, but is no worse than I'm getting now with Banner Connect and Value Click Media. Only big problem I found with Technorati Media is that their ads are slow as hell. My page load times were brutal from their ads.
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