Need all CPA N/Ws Best Affiliate Managers Extension

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I tried applying to many CPA N/Ws,but there was no rely from their part.
Can someone tell me which are the best affiliate managers in each networks and help me with their extension through phone,so that I will be able to contact them directly and ask about my application,thanks.
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    If you specify which networks you applied for i can try and help out as best as possible...

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    what type of offers are you looking for? what type of market do you have?
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    I have applied for Neverblue and Market Leverage,I missed Neverblues call once,but they never called me back after that,not replying to emails.Not even letting me know if I'm rejected or denied.What kind of a strange people are they.Atleast why cant they say,I'm denied,it would have made sense and I would continue with my other campaigns.
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    Well Even if you have their extensions, they might not reply or they might be away from their desk . But I would recommend to contact them via AIM which is pretty much the standard to initiate the contact. You can find the AIMs for most of the Networks AMs here .........

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    Can you suggest me Gary from Market leverage's AIM nd extension?
    They're not calling me at all nd there've been no response from their part even emails.
    Same thing with Neverblue,they called me once nd I missed the call,after that never heard of them.
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    Try to get their contact info on
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