Is PPV A Hard Transition?

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I've been using PPC for a while and I'm thinking about switching to PPV, has anyone had a tough time transitioning from PPC to PPV traffic?
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    Nah, to me it's easier, it's just different in the sense you can bid on url's and stuff like that. More traffic with PPV doesn't mean it's as high quality as PPC, but, if you do it right you can make more, at least from what i've seen.
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    No I would say it's very straightforward. In a way it's more advantageous by the fact that you can acquire data fast and test campaigns without spending a lot of money.

    I found the transition very smooth and now enjoy PPV a lot more.

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      I think its easier to learn PPV than PPC. So it should be no problem for you.
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    You can get way better ROI from ppv as compared to ppc, however you won't get much volume from small ppv networks. If you need ROI+volume then go for traffic vance.
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    I have been doing very well with PPC, but don't know a lot about PPV.

    I think that it should be much harder, but it's cretainly different. So make sure that you have a good budget (specially because some of the best PPV platforms require a relatively high initial deposit) and get as much advice from your aff managers as you can.

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