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Okay so I keep seeing landing pages that have a form and stuff to fill out, they don't send you to the main offers page. Is this normal? I was under the impression that a landing page would have a "Click Here" button that would take you to the main offers landing page, like for the company. Is this not true?
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    You can incorporated iframes into your site which are availble from many networks. These allow you to show forms etc on your site and credit your account if it is completed. Hope that helps.
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    Thanks soooo much that helps a lot.
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      Just be aware that some networks do not allow I-Frames...there have been many cases where publishers have i-Framed a short form offer, (say a 4-6 field insurance offer for arguments sake) popped the i-frame on a completely unrelated website with something mis-leading like "enter the info below and enter to win a free trip to Hawaii" straight incent...that's why alot of ADV don't allow i-frames because they lose some control of the offer...i would just confirm with the network you wont run into any issues by using this method...

      Best of Luck.
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    As Stephen said, many advertisers and networks don't like iframes, so make sure that you contact your affiliate manager before using it!

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