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hey guys,

need some advice regarding credit card affiliates due to a stroke of luck.

a couple of months ago I got a heap of .co's and in the list was '' / '' ........ wait wait wait before you start.

I actually afterwards thought 'what a bad case of judgement' as I was thinking of opening an affiliate site, but maybe the great keyword match was my mistake.
So I actually contacted visa corporate and offered to transfer the domains over to them totally free of charge $0 to avoid any future hassles (wise move) and normally takes a day or so......pretty painless process

After many emails visa have lost interest and have not requested the said domains (i saved all emails) and we have just stopped contacting each other so it looks like im in the clear as if i was in breach they would have notified me within the first 3-5 emails.......not the case.

so now im thinking of going down the affiliate path again but im not going to pay joining fees seeing theyre making money of me and was wondering

what is the best credit / debit card affiliate site?

thanks for reading and for your thoughts (good or bad)
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