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Hi Guys,
I was wondering if anyone can help? I recently invested in FB Siphon and decided to put it into action 3 days ago! anyway I set up a campaign on FB with a daily budget of £50 and bids varying between .56p and .78p

On that campaign I set up 3 ads, 1 for my subscriber page where am giving away 4 ebooks (2 of which are my own) and a free 10+ video training series. and the other 2 ads are clickbank products for the games Farmville and mafiawars!

I had 158 Clicks and spent £64.20 on that but only gained 1 subscriber in my aweber account. and on my 2 CB ads I spent £88.30 got a load of clicks but only made $11.04 after selling just 1.

Put simply I have spent £152.50 in 3 days and gined 1 subscriber for my IM list in aweber and made $11.04 in commissions! I have paused all my ads as I don't want to be wasting anymore money!

However I don't want to give up on this making money from FB ads. Yes I am new to this and never really made any money off the internet yet. I suppose that what I am asking for is any tips and advice on how to carry on with this and instead of seeing a loss, start seeing a profit!

even better can any of you guys recommend a product I can promote on FB ads and who should I target them for! At the moment I do work full time and that money I have lost I will have to work 3 days for but am determined to succeed at this! Thanks for your help guys!

-Phillip Dews
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    You should target the visitors first, I recommend you target them with interest and location. If you didn't do this before, you should spend $50 and test again
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    Getting a Facebook users to pull out their credit card is definitely no easy task. If I were you - I would start by focusing on CPA based offers like dating, games and education.

    If you need any help - we have training on Facebook and I'd be glad to help just let me know.

    As far as your optins go - I'm surprised you didn't get more. Were your ads targeted to people interested in your niche? How finely did you target?
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