Is Blogger's blogspot suitable for CPA landing pages?

by bondox
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Blogger's blogspot seems to be condemned when it comes to cpa landing pages compared to wordpress. I think people prefer wordpress because of its flexibility, but what if you have a one column landing page look alike template for blogger, can one use blogger's hosted blogspot for cpa landing pages?
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    Haven't tried that one myself but thought about it. I would assume you could set multiple blogger sites and leverage like you see being done, such as adding adsense, clickbank, cj, RSS feeds etc. The $1 to $100 a day plan...

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    I think that it can be possible to use Blogger eventually, but it's definetely not a good practice.

    First, you are limited when it comes to design and structure of the page. You can get templates, but they are not as good as WP, or, if you are a savy, code your own templates, but it would involve a lot of work and it probably would be easier to use Wordpress or, depending on the situation, even simple HTML pages.

    Second, Blogger blogs belong to Google. So the sites wouldn't be yours.

    Third, you may need credibility (there are some exceptions, when we create pre-sell pages pretending that we are a consumer), and it is impossible if you can't build your own site with your own domain.

    So buy a hosting account, a domain and go with WP.

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    I recommend using your own blog to promote cpa offers.
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    One of the Gmail accounts I was using with Blogger and AdSense recently got "suspended" or put on hold. I can't log in to read any of my emails where I signed up and received info on countless affiliate programs.

    Had about 20 or so live blogs with Blogger and now none of them are active or showing up.

    I still can't figure out why they did this but I'm not too worried as it wasn't one of my main email accounts.

    Stick with WordPress, Blogger (Google) can shut down any and all applications connected with your email address if they want to.

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    I use blogger but I am planning to export my site tyo word press :rolleyes:
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    I think wordpress is better than blogspot blogs. Wordpress is more flexible than any other free hosted blog sites.
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      We can do a lot of things if we have our own domain and a web server. As cheap as $3/month for the server and $9/year for the domain. Worth the investment.

      Then host the WP on the server and create posts as landers.

      And create HTML landers whenever you require them, also hosted on the same server.
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    blogspot never worked for me, wordpress is much better
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    I would say no. Blogger doesn't give a sense of professionalism. If necessary, stick with the .info domains.
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    Blogger is great if you are testing campaings using articles to drive traffic.
    i sometimes do this to test a offer.

    I saw something crazy the other day, I was doing keyword research on a product to see how hard it would be to rank and saw a squidoo page in the top results as a sponsor. meaning someone bought the one spot with adwords using a squidoo page.

    It's not uncommon to see a squidoo or hob page rank for terms, that happends all the time, however I have never seen a adwords sponsored position being a squidoo page.
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