80millionmoviesfree dot com Review?

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I tried using WF search but couldn't find any result so I just posted here. I just stumbled upon a site called 80millionmoviesfree dot com. It's a site where it's claimed that we can download & watch 80 million movies. Not free actually, we have to pay one time fee.

I want to ask if there's any Warrior who monetize your movie site/blog using this program. Because I found this site from a movie site which linking its "download movie" banner to this site. What's your experience? Is it legal movie download? Where & how can we become the affiliates (I couldn't find it in CB)?

It's quite hard to find movie related CPA offers these days. Netflix is not available in many networks and it seems the payout is decreasing. If this is true that people can download & watch 80 million movies for only $22 maybe it's quite attractive for the movie site/blog traffic.

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