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Hi All,

I Have read many of you asking what it takes to be approved by a network, and a program within a network.
I manage a few campaigns in the large networks for several online merchants, so I'll share with you my view on what you need to get approved:
1. You MUST have a real site, even if you are using social media/ forums/PPC for to promote products. I advise you all to take the time and create an OK looking website.
2. Use your real name for both registering your website, and for signing up at the network. We do check WhoIs on occasion.
3. Blogs with one or no entries are not acceptable. Make sure you have at least 3 months of blog entries before you apply for any program.
4. The way you describe yourself in your application to the network MATTERS! Don't try to be funny, don't tell us all your past history.
Do tell us the methods you use as an affiliate.
5. Don't list anything under the incentive tab if you are not an incentive site, use it only if you do own a cashback or any other incentive type of site, if you don't - leave it empty.
6. Country DOES matter. Don't put an application if you reside in a country that is specifically restricted in the program terms.
7. A good network ranking is the best thing you can have, it can eliminate the need for any of the previous points mentioned.
After you get accepted, make sure to follow the program restrictions (especially the PPC bidding practices). Account managers have the option to leave feedback on your profile that is open to all. You do not want a bad rep there.
Hope this sheds some light for you guys.
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    Really good information maymorgano. It should help people starting out with CPA marketing! Thanks!
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    Good tips, buddy! Thanks for sharing!
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    Nice tips.

    The best way to get accepted is still to come across as a professional media agency, including website, address and phoen number. All these can be obtained very easily.

    Any questions just let me know
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    Thanks maymorgano
    I'm preparing to apply so these tips come in handy for me right now!
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      The best approach is to be honest on the application and present yourself on the application and phone interview in a professional demeanor. Networks want to work with honest people that are serious about making money and are honest. Once the lies start looking to make serious money. Once you start lying and the network catches you in a lie they are going to think in the back of their head... "well if they are lying about this then what else are they going to do or lie about??"

      There are other things you can do as well... You can register a business and/or create a business identity website outlining your marketing skills. This will make you look 'that much' more professional - but they are not absolutely needed.

      There are a lot of frauders out there and networks deal with this day after day. 80% of the applications that come through the networks are fraudulent. Some networks are better than others at identifying this. That is why it's harder to get in the better network if you are using phony information.

      Simple rule here is... Be honest and be yourself! Simple!

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    Great tips, important to know
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