Is twitter good with CPA offers ???

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ARE any of you guys having a good income of CPA offers promting on twitter????...

WHats the best way to get thousands of Twitter followers????
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    Facebook is much more effective now a day in my opinion. Try facebook instead? Also, easier to get facebook fans than twitter follower >.<
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    Originally Posted by jd38324 View Post

    WHats the best way to get thousands of Twitter followers????
    Ive heard if you follow about 10 people with thousands of followers then unfollow them you should be getting hundereds of followers within 10 minutes as your name appears at the top of their profile.

    I tried this but it didn't work at all. Does anyone know how this works exactly?

    Also which way are you allowed to promote CPA offers on Twitter? Is tweeting a CPA offer to your followers considered spam?

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        I can't believe so many people have had such great success with Twitter these days. As bad as Twitter has been spammed to death, you would think people would spot a link and run the other way.

        I've surely never made much from it.
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          Ive made a few hundred promoting CPA offers over the course of like 3 months using Twitter..For the amount of work I put into Twitter to receive such little results I personally think this is the lowest of the thousands of social networks out there to promote a website CPA or product for profit. The conversions are horrible as a few people have mentioned already..The reality of it is "most" people on Twitter tweet & look at their timelines from their mobile phones on the go (at school, work, or through out their day) so the possibility of someone clicking on a link you tweet on their phone is very low. Facebook is very personal and from trial & error with many networks Facebook has been very good to me lately . I hope this helps you out a little & saves a headache.
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    i have built some very massive twitter followings and the traffic is there but the conversions are horrible.
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    I found Twitter to be a complete waste of time. It simply not worth the effort considering there are much better alternatives such as Youtube and Facebook.
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      i totally agree with Phobos. I am sure there are some niches that may work with twitter but overall i dont think the effort is worth it.
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    Having a large number of twitter followers does not mean you will make large sales.Twitter is really hard to convert,you can start by getting targeted followers related to a particular niche.Hopefully you will get some conversions.

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      But if someone notifies Twitter that you are using it for promotion they will simply remove your account.
      Mithun on the Web
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    I have had success using twitter advertising platforms. Facebook has definetely a much bigger potential, but twitter can be good for people who are just starting.

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    I get clicks galore from Twitter but zero conversions. That goes for CPA offers, affiliate products and opt-ins too. Dunno why the traffic doesnt convert from this source.
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    yeaps twitter is a good start to be honest,
    you dont need to write fancy ads and find some seductive prictures
    you just need a line of sentence about 8words which are good enough

    You'll definitely get high CTR% but very low conversions.
    If you track them, you'll see majority are from mobile etc
    in mobile probably they are in stations, buses, trains...
    they are not there to make conversions for you or take action.
    they are there to read what's up of their friends like microblogging.

    to be fair, it's a good start.
    If you looking for them to enter CC# details...hmmm..i think not
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    its simple as 1,2,3 >> just go to and register, thats all.. But i cannot tell that they are targeted traffic or not. whatever, u can get hundreds of followers .
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    Originally Posted by jd38324 View Post

    ARE any of you guys having a good income of CPA offers promting on twitter????...

    WHats the best way to get thousands of Twitter followers????

    Twitter just plain sucks for any lead generation. Stick to Facebook or traditional PPC, you will get much better results.

    Any questions just let me know
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    You get so many clicks from Twitter because those aren't real clicks. Those are bots
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    I have had some luck with Twitter, but not a lot of Luck
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    I haven't ever heard of anybody making money with pure twitter marketing from CPA. I'm sure there are a few people out there doing well with it though. Probably not many though
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    I can't see how anyone manages to make Twitter profitable. The whole Twitter network is just on big spam community. I really don't see the value or the point in using Twitter at all. But that is just me, I am sure some brainiacs have managed to earn a few bucks from it.
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    yes you can have little conversion in cpa via twitter ...
    Get high traffic to your website 25,000 visit per day for 30days = $45 Improve your alexa ranking and increase your site value contact me at for payment detail
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    Facebook is better and more effective but twitter is good too. You can use it to promote offers.
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    I personally think facebook are better than twitter. But twitter will work just not great as facebook.
    You Won't Know Unless You Try!
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    Twitter can proove great if you are using it effectively for marketting.
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    Did you take a look at TweetAttack? What it does is, whenever some tweets like "I want an iPad" - you can set it up to reply that user with a link to a free iPad email submit. It works but most offers don't allow twitter traffic. So, you might want to keep an eye on that.
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    Twitter does work, but you need a plan in place. Don't just fire off links to cpa offers and expect anything back. Be creative.
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    Twitter can work, but there are much better ways..
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    I've been using twitter for quite a while and have a decent following, i do get conversions, i also engage with my followers, and i like to, and thats why i think i convert, because i'm not just sending out offers all day long, i talk to them as well, which can be time consuming so i really have to monitor how much time i spend on there or it takes me away from other traffic sources that make real money! Like...FB
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    I never had success with twitter. I like Facebook.
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