Any experience with Tractatus Media?

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Hey guys,

I'm thinking about doing a major offline campaign with these guys so I was wondering what you know about them?

Ever use them? Are they reliable with payments etc?

Any info is deeply appreciated!
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    These guys are based in Turkey. I also want to run some campaigns with them but looking for confirmation of their reliability. Any information would also be appreciated.
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      Hey! My name is Damla and I'm the account manager of Tractatusmedia. Here is my AIM: damlatractatus. You can reach me by there and ask your questions.
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    Never heard about them...

    Start small, and if everything goes right scale the campaign.
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    Hm i have account with them but never tried .. I think they are good .. But send small portion of traffic then scale it up ..
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    guiz this is a Turkey base company and they are internationally recognized. but for your safety send small traffic then increase your scale after seeing your result. i think its the best way.
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    Dear Friends,

    I know that many of you don't have much info about Tractatusmedia. Let me introduce us to you very briefly. We are a network centred in TURKEY, and we have nearly 1000 campaigns, targeted to almost 100 different countries. We improve and change our campaigns constantly according to the demands from our affiliates.

    One of the most frequent questions that we are asked that whether we accept international users and our methods of payment. First of all, we do accept users from all over the world. Secondly, we pay over Paypal, bank transfer or check. And if there'd be any other request from our users we can send their payments via Western Union or etc. We have weekly and monthly payment options. For monthly; we pay Net20.
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      NOT ONE sign up converts with these guys... I really don't feel comfortable with this company... but that's just my point of view.
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    Here is a thread that says there is problems with them. I have no first hand knowledge but I would be weary!
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